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Tool Tip: Best Resume Ever, the Resume Generator for Developers

Developers are technocratic enough to have Node generate a resume for them. And, strangely, this is pretty cool.

Best-Resume-Ever is a resume generator for Node.js. Based on Vue and LESS, it doesn’t require an underlying aesthetic understanding at all. One could be cheeky and say that this was ideal for programmers.

The Templates of Best-Resume-Ever

The small tool by Sara Steiert from Stuttgart is available on Github, distributed under the liberal MIT license, allowing you to use it freely, and to actively collaborate as well. Especially additional language localizations are in demand.

As of right now, there are five different, appealing templates available for your resume. There is no need for you to design anything, simply enter your personal information into the file src/person.js. The finished curriculum vitae is exported as a PDF.

I wouldn’t install Node just for Best-Resume-Ever if I didn’t have it already. However, if you already have Node in use, this gives you a nice additional use case for your professional future.