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Top 5 iOS Apps for Your Healthy Sleep

Of course, each of us dreams of a daily deep and lasting sleep. But for various reasons, not all can afford that. If you need help with your sleep, check out the App Store to find the right apps for yourself.

Sleep Cycle

According to home dweller site, Sleep Cycle is a great app that will wake you up only at the right time, without interrupting non-REM (non-Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. There are 2 phases of sleep: light (REM sleep) and deep (non-REM sleep), during the first stage, we see dreams, spin, move our hands and feet, and even talk, and during the second one, we sleep like logs.

The worst thing is to wake up during deep sleep – you get up all beat up and exhausted for the upcoming working day. The Sleep Cycle is designed to wake you up only when you’re in your light sleep stage. In the app, you first need to choose a pleasant sound signal and do a test to determine where to leave your iPhone on the bed to achieve maximum effect. When the app notices you’re moving, it beeps thanks to an integrated accelerometer.

Set the alarm clock for the time you need. By default, you will be woken up within half an hour of your appointment. By the way, it is recommended to charge your smartphone because the app can “eat” the battery overnight. However, even if you close the app, the Sleep Cycle will run in the background. And in the morning, you can see all the statistics about your sleep phases and their duration, as well as start your working day in an uplifted and cheerful mood.


Sunriser is a very unusual and unique app that wakes you up with, obviously, the sunrise. Since the sun is the main power in our system, they say, to be healthy and active all day, you need to live by it. When the sun rises, everything comes to life, including the human body, so for those who can’t wake up without an alarm clock, a wonderful Sunriser app has been developed.

Its main screen will show a countdown until the sun rises in your area. But if necessary, you can set it as you want to avoid getting up with the lark. Despite its originality, the app is quite simple and easy to use and will be suitable for those who were looking for a great alternative to a built-in alarm clock.


Noisli is a wonderful app that allows you to choose different pleasant sounds that will help you focus on your work or relax before going to bed. The app includes a large collection of various “noises,” including natural sounds (water splashes, leaf rustling, or birds singing) and man-made (the sound of a running fan or train wheels). The app can also change its colors, so you can always choose the best one pleasant to your eyes. The collection of sounds is constantly growing, so you can find your own relaxing melody any time you want.


Many of us have a mixed work schedule that’s completely exhausting. Recharge will develop the proper regime within 6 weeks so that you can have a healthy sleep. The app will help you wake up every day at the same time and also offer daily exercises to keep you up through your day. At the end of it, you will be able to see a full report of your activity, as well as assess your mood on a 5-point scale.


Dreameo is another perfectly developed app that allows you to analyze your dreams. It’s no secret the latter is a reflection of our accumulated problems, as well as a harbinger of serious diseases or psychological issues. For some, they even help predict the future.

In Dreameo, you can record all the interesting sleep details you want to remember and read their interpretations. Track your dreams by the calendar and user-friendly search, and add them to your favorites. In addition, the app has a social network where other users can read and comment on your dreams. Turns out, you have your very own personal dream-book with many dream interpretations in your iPhone.