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True Gaming Experience: Going Full Throttle with the Gamepad API in Microsoft Flight Simulator Arcade

Gaming on the Web has come a long way with HTML5 technologies like Canvas, WebGL, and WebAudio. It’s now possible to produce high-fidelity graphics and sound within the browser. However, to provide a true gaming experience, you need input devices designed for gaming. The Gamepad API is a proposed standard of the W3C, and is designed to provide a consistent API across browsers. The Gamepad API allows users to connect devices like an Xbox Controller to a computer and use them for browser-based experiences! If you have a gamepad, try plugging it into your computer and press a button. You’ll see the Xbox controller below light up to mirror each movement you make! Try it out interactively here. This tutorial is the 3rd in a series on Flight Arcade – built to demonstrate what’s possible on the web platform and in the new Microsoft Edge browser and EdgeHTML rendering engine. You can find the first two articles on WebGL and Web API, plus interactive code and examples for this article at Flexible API The Gamepad API is intelligently designed with flexibility in mind. At a basic level, it provides access to buttons and axes. Button values range from [ […]