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Twitter Use Placeholder Photos From

Unless you have been living under a stone for the last year or two, you’ll certainly know that you can find ten new freely usable photos on every ten days. Now, the additional service gives you the possibility to use these pictures as wildcards in web projects. This can be achieved in a convenient and simple way. The resolution of said wildcard photos is freely definable. Besides there are further useful functions that help this service appear interesting. Let’s take a look, shall we? Simple Syntax for Individual Embedding To be able to use one of the more than 700 currently available photos, entering a simple URL will do. When entering the URL without further parameters, the resolution of the picture will be chosen automatically. Sample Image The example opens a particular photo from and scales it to a size of 640 x 425 pixel. Pictures will be cut automatically when their aspect ratio differs from the original file. In the case of a square format, it’s sufficient just to define either value, width or height. With the aid of the parameter “gravity”, it’s possible to adjust which borders of the photo to cut. The […]