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Vorlon.js: How to Create a Plug-in to Test Your JavaScript Remotely

During the keynote at the recent //BUILD 2015 conference, our team at Microsoft released Vorlon.js, a tool to debug your website. Vorlon.js is mainly composed of a dashboard which displays data coming from your site. To make it work, you only have to reference a script in your site code. We (Pierre Lagarde, David Catuhe, David Rousset and myself) built this primarily to help web developers debug their websites on mobile devices. Of course, proprietary solutions already exist like Chrome developer tools to debug chrome mobile, or the equivalent for Safari and Visual Studio for Internet Explorer or even Weinre; but none of these is really technology and platform-agnostic. This is the gap we wanted to fill with Vorlon.js. You can install Vorlon.js either from npm or by cloning the GitHub repository and using gulp to make it ready to use. You can find more information about that on our website ( or on the blog article my friend David wrote. To create a plugin for Vorlon, you can use TypeScript or directly with JavaScript. I will give you the JavaScript and TypeScript code so you can read it in your favorite language 🙂 What We Are Going to Create In […]