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WebAnimator Plus: Sophisticated HTML5 Animations Made Easy

Not too long ago, Flash was an established element of the web. Did you need anything related to animation, you were more or less doomed to use it. Of course Flash was the top dog – the alpha male – and alternatives didn’t exist. But that was only one-half of its success. The second half was its ease of use. Flash videos were created using an easily comprehensible graphical interface. Even advertisers were able to use it 😉 Then the triumphal march of HTML5 and CSS3 started and changed everything – even the way the web gets animated. The tool WebAnimator Plus brings back that Flash feeling while producing perfectly compliant results in HTML5 and CSS3. WebAnimator’s Surface is a Reminiscence of Flash Remember Flash and used to use it? WebAnimator Plus will look perfectly familiar to you. The surface is more or less the same, even functions are named identically. Central areas are the stage and the timeline – rings in your ear? Graphical elements are placed throughout the stage, and then animated using the timeline and its keyframe architecture. As we could do in Flash, multiple scenes can be created and separately designed as well as animated. WebAnimator […]