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Webdesigner News: Focused News Aggregator Saves Your Time

Staying afloat the news stream is not easy. If you manage to you can be confident that you are not too far away from recent developments in our industry. And you can make an educated decision which topics are worth digging in deeper and which ones are not. As reading is not bringing in any money, you need to cut that down to the necessary. The aggregator I want to introduce you to today helps you achieve just the right balance. Say hello to Webdesigner News… Why Web Designers Need to Stay Updated I know that in this large industry of web designers not everyone sees the need to stay on top of the game when it comes to the most recent developments in modern technologies. The (r)evolution of mobile apps has heightened the level of expectancy from the client’s side. Today almost everyone is able to distinguish between good and bad websites (except for those who are not ;-)). Thus, the wheat separates itself from the chaff pretty fast. This means it’s not enough to only be part of the wheat anymore. You will have to be part of the top quality wheat – constantly improving. Constantly improving means […]