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What You Need to Know About the Latest HTML5 Video

Ever wanted to create your own app for livestreaming your work? How about your own YouTube-esque program for playing back your previously recorded video? You might have used Flash, Java, or Silverlight for rich media in the past but with Chrome 42 announcing that that those plug-ins are no longer supported, now is as good a time to go HTML5 as ever. Before I worked at Microsoft, I was a Sr. Engineer on the Product Development team at Comcast, where I worked on video players for a number of platforms, including the web, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and SmartGlass. It was an outstanding education in cutting edge video technology, and I’m glad that I can take my experience with me in this role and teach others much of what I learned there. This is the first of a series of articles about using Azure Media Services to create and consume HTML5 video. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use this cloud media solution to get set-up and start experimenting with delivering live or on demand video. First, a Primer on Video Formats There are a number of formats to choose from, so let’s go through some of the […]