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What’s New in Babylon.js v2.1? Using WebGL and 3D in the Latest Browsers

The babylon.JS team at Microsoft recently released a new update (v2.1) with a host of new and improved tools to build browser-based 3D experiences, like Assassin’s Creed Pirates and Flight Arcade. In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the major updates, along with links to demos and sandbox builds you can try yourself. First, a quick ‘thank you’ to the community. Over the past few months, we’ve had more community-oriented support than ever. Thanks to all these wonderful people we were able to release a LOT of new features and improvements! So let’s get started! You can find all the code here: Unity 5 Exporter Unity is an awesome tool to create games that can work on almost all operating systems out there. I love the Unity 5 WebGL exporter—it’s a great way to export all your games to a WebGL/ASM.JS/WebAudio website. To complete this solution, if you want to export meshes to a lighter projection that could run without ASM.JS, you can now install the Babylon.js exporter: When installed, the exporter allows you to export a scene by going to the Babylon.js exporter menu: After a few seconds, a .babylon file is generated alongside associated […]