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Why and How We Migrated Babylon.js to Azure: CORS, Gzip, and IndexedDB

You’re working for a startup. Suddenly that hard year of coding is paying off – with success comes more growth and demand for your web app to scale. In this tutorial, I want to humbly use one of our more recent “success stories” around our WebGL open-source gaming framework, babylon.js and its website: We’ve been excited to see so many web gaming devs try it out. But to keep up with the demand, we knew we needed a new web hosting solution. While this tutorial focused on Microsoft Azure, many of the concepts apply to various solutions you might prefer. We’re going to see also the various optimizations we’ve put in place to limit as much as possible the output bandwidth from our servers to your browser. Introduction Babylon.js is a personal project we’ve been working on for over a year now. As it’s a personal (i.e. our time and money), we’ve hosted the website, textures & 3d scenes on a relatively cheap hosting solution using a small, dedicated Windows/IIS machine. The project started in France, but was quickly under the radar of several 3D and web specialists around the globe as well as some gaming studios. We were […]