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Why Dribbble is One Big Circlejerk for Designers!

In art school there were always those dreaded moments of putting one’s work up in front of the class for all to spill out their bile and personal problems on some classmate they hated for their talent, or life. It was something no one liked doing, mainly because it gave a voice to anyone whose mommy and daddy agreed to pony up the tuition for their strange little darling, and that opinion was unwanted, unneeded, and unwarranted. I asked one teacher why these group critiques were important when everyone had a completely different opinion, and none were right… or wrong, to be fair. He smiled and said, “Who cares what these little shites think? It’s all about you learning to listen to idiots and defend what you’ve created!” He had said that loud enough for the entire class to hear and there were actually some students who broke down in tears. Later the teacher pulled me aside and asked why I never responded to any of the critiques of my work. I told him I listened to hear if there were any good ideas and ignored the bad ones. I went over the roster of classmates and labelled each student […]