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WordPress: Fancy Site Navigation With the_posts_pagination()

It was not until WordPress 4.1 was released that creating a paginated blog navigation was a fairly cumbersome affair, which required either a certain degree of development effort or a plugin. WordPress 4.1 makes this a thing of the past. It allows you to create a paginated blog navigation by adding one single tag to the theme’s index.php. Now you need a little bit of CSS to get a decent design. And that’s about it. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to develop your navigation, and the result is simply amazing. Let’s have a closer look at the possibilities of the new template tag. In our example, we use the Twenty Twelve theme. Initial State: The Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme The Twenty Twelve theme doesn’t provide a paginated blog navigation out of the box. Instead, you can navigate through blog pages by using a rather elementary “Older Posts/Newer Posts” navigation. Twenty Twelve is by far not the only theme using such navigation. The screenshot shows the initial state: This navigation may be purposive, but it’s neither pretty nor user-friendly since you can’t see at first sight on which page of the blog you are. Therefore, we’ll show you today […]