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WordPress Plugins for Image Editing: Regenerate Thumbnails and Photon

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you wish to have a little helper that solves your problems in a heartbeat. There’s one situation probably every WordPress user has come across already: You change your theme, and suddenly none of the thumbnails fits anymore. Too big and your theme loses its effect, too small and the CSS might upscale them to the appropriate size, which would make them look pixelated and simply unsightly. Some themes display too small thumbnails as they are, which also interferes the effect of a beautiful new theme. Regenerate Thumbnails solves this problem by resizing existing thumbnails. Photon provides a less destructive alternative, is, however, part of the mega plugin Jetpack. We checked both of them… The Problem: Thumbnails That Don’t Fit To accentuate the intended effect of a WordPress theme, which is (mostly) realized in the live demo, thumbnails need a certain size – if you want to use them at all. I can immediately think of two scenarios where images with wrong dimensions have a negative impact on the overall effect of a theme. Example 1: The Enfold Theme Enfold is one of the bestselling themes worldwide, with one reason being its […]