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World of Design No. 3: South Korea

Driven by high-tech goliaths such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai-Kia, South Korea is considered to be one of the most innovative countries in the world. However, this impressive fact does not call the tune when it comes to website design. It seems that the Korean-based creatives are trying to stick to the golden mean and maintain the ideology of “haste makes waste” and populate the web more with projects created on the basis of time-proven methods rather than on cutting-edge.  Nevertheless, there is always a place for originality, and websites, which breathe with novelty, boldness and creativeness that take users on fantastic and unforgettable experiences are also present. Korean web wonderfully balances projects powered by tried and true approaches with those that are charged with high-end techniques thereby achieving a subtle sense of harmony. Moreover, being blessed with the yin and yang, the symbol not only marks the flag and emblem of the country, but also affects the sphere of website design. Today we have tried to cover a broad range of examples in order to show this in practice. AirFrance SkyTeam Coach Kotra Rokstyles Galleria Wander World Defy The Current Form Follows Function Daniel Moon Cdips Switch Mediaworks Weedmind Touch […]